Love Never Dies (Phantom Der Oper 2) Endpreis: Euro

Love Never Dies (Phantom Der Oper 2)

titolo-love never dies. phantomcompositore-andrew lloyd webber etichetta-universaln. dischi2data5 marzo 2010supportocd audiogenerepop e rock internazionalecolonne sonore-brani—-disco 11.prologueascolta2.the coney island waltzascolta3.that’s the place that you ruined, you fool!ascolta4.heaven by the seaascolta5.only for him / only for youascolta6.the ayrieascolta7.till i hear you singascolta8.giry confronts the phantom / ‚til i hear you sing (reprise)ascolta9.christine disembarksascolta10.arrival of the trio / are you ready to begin?ascolta11.what a dreadful town!…ascolta12.look with your heartascolta13.beneath a moonless skyascolta14.once upon another timeascolta15.“mother please, i’m scared!“ascolta16.dear old friendascolta17.beautifulascolta18.the beauty underneathascolta19.the phantom confronts christineascoltadisco 21.entr’acteascolta2.why does she love me?ascolta3.devil take the hindmostascolta4.heaven by the sea (reprise)ascolta5.ladies…gents! / the coney island waltz (reprise)ascolta6.bathing beautyascolta7.“mother, did you watch?“ascolta8.before the performanceascolta9.devil take the hindmostascolta10.love never diesascolta11.“ah, christine!…“ascolta12.“gustave! gustave!…“ascolta13.“please miss giry, i want to go back…“

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Love Never Dies (Phantom Der Oper 2)

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